Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paw Prints

The Easter Bunny visited! Daddy had a great idea to sprinkle flour by Carmen's Easter basket, and it worked: evidence!

We later went to Mimi and Poppy's for dinner and an Easter egg hunt with the cousins...

...and Mimi's famous pies!

Next stop, a visit with Grandma (who wasn't feeling well enough to attend dinner) to deliver her 75th birthday gifts, followed by a pony ride in Uncle Jeff's barn.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Snow, Man!

Age age three, Carmen is really understanding weather and seasons. Too bad we've barely had any snow! It feels kind of weird. So when we finally got a storm on February 12, we said, "Let's go use your blue sled [that's been in the garage since October]!" Carmen said, "No!" and fought the idea until we practically ordered her to get dressed, get in the car, and have fun. We drove to the community center where a few families like us were hitting the hills during the storm to make sure they got to sled before the snow melted. Carmen was not enjoying herself, and after just a few minutes, we were back in the car heading home. She later had a bit of a fever and slept for several hours. Oops! But at least we got these great pictures:

The snow quickly melted. But two weeks later, it was back! So we hurried to the back yard to play with the snow man kit Mimi and Poppy had gotten Carmen. There wasn't a ton of snow, so we only managed to make the snow man's head. And then we had fun throwing snowballs at each other. And then the snow melted.

Fast-forward to April. Carmen and I took advantage of the beautiful weather by having a picnic in the park!

Three days later, it snowed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

BB Tres-and-a-half

Three years ago February 4, little did we know that we were attending the birthday party of a little girl whose family would become some of our best friends! ( Three years later, we were in New Jersey celebrating her fourth birthday.

Elena's family was able to make it, too, so it was sort of like Bogota Blast Tres-and-a-half + tons of relatives and friends. The weather was even good. (It was chilly, but no snow, thunderstorms or hurricanes.) And instead of Dan pushing a Carulla shopping cart into Betty's Place, his family arrived with food, food and more food.

We arrived Friday night. The adults ate pizza at the table while the kids ate pizza in front of Lucas' favorite movie, "Cinderella." Then Carmen had her first sleep-over, sleeping in Valentina's bed and relegating Valentina to the trundle. They were up very late, laughing, jumping, giggling, and doing all the stuff 10-year-olds, or rather, three-year-olds do.

Saturday, we all enjoyed breakfast, and then Steve and Dan made some big dishes while Helen and I finished frosting some baked goods. Other than the ice cream cake that we knew was on its way, Steve and I thought all the food was ready. We were so wrong! Along with the party guests arrived meatballs, Italian rolls, fried peppers, roasts, salads, and on and on.

Then Elena's family arrived from D.C. We ate, ate and ate some more, and had great fun meeting more of Valentina's family and friends.

Best ice cream cake in the world. Dios mio!After things wound down, Dan read the kids a book. Then Elena tried to join Carmen and Valentina for a sleep-over, but decided she'd rather be with her parents.
The next morning, we had yummy NJ bagels, and the kids played with the goodies from their party favor bags. As usual, we had something happen on our drive home: the engine light came on about half-way home, so we never shut the car off until it was safely in our garage. It eventually turned off.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Family Day 2012

January 27, 2012 -- our third celebration of Family Day! Three years ago on this day, Carmen was placed in our arms in the Green Room at FANA. We're reminded of this amazing moment every time we look at the framed photo on our wall that one of the women captured for us on our camera. Since that moment, we've learned something new about each other every day. Nowadays, Carmen is a very bright, determined, chica who knows what she wants and won't let anything stand in her way. (I know that sounds like an odd way to describe a three-year-old, but it's true.) She's good at following rules, is very polite, and has a great sense of humor. She loves to dance and is very musically inclined...she has good pitch and rhythm, and is often bopping to the beat, or making up songs about what's going on around her. Currently, she is discovering the harmonica and Aerosmith.

Getting back to Family Day...Carmen and I made Daddy a chocolate tres leches cake. Carmen likes watching cooking shows, and can name a lot of the celebrity chefs. She often asks to help cook, and while she doesn't always want to try new foods, she likes learning their names a little bit about them. She also likes to take your order and then "serve" you your order, often delivered by tea cart.

While we were home, we got a special for Mommy and a little teddy bear for Carmen! When Daddy got home, we enjoyed some cake and family time.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas & New Year's Eve 2011

Heading to Christmas Eve service.

Treats for Santa and reindeer in place.

Back from church...treats eaten! Santa brought Carmen a doll house and the blue Doodle Bear!
Carmen gave Mommy new slippers to match her red robe!

Carmen gave Daddy a small-jobs tool bag which she stocked herself!

Playing with the dollhouse Santa brought while we continued opening gifts and having our traditional Christmas Eve Snack Night. Also, Daddy gave Mommy a Mommy ring which features Carmen's birthstone. Carmen was involved in the purchase of the ring, and was able to keep the secret the entire month of December.

Trying out the decorative pillow for her big-girl bed Christmas morning at Grandma and Grandpapa's house

What did you get, Grandma?

It's my school picture, Grandpapa!
Cousin Addy gave us a performance of her class' Christmas production. Carmen quickly stepped in and proceeded to give her own show of Christmas songs, which included inviting each family member up to join her.

It's another one of my school pictures, Mimi and Poppy!

It's even more of my school pictures, Uncle David and Fergie Dog!

Carmen and Mommy having some quiet time after opening gifts at two houses and before dinner.

No more pictures, Uncle Paul! At the cabin the day after Christmas.

The cabin may have been the only place with snow this Christmas.

Snuggling with Doodle Bear, uncle David, and a good book before dinner at the cabin.

Daddy trying his hardest to wait patiently for breakfast at an extremely busy diner.

Our Colombiana!

We thought we'd go for a walk on the trail. Carmen wanted to bring a few things, including the wagon. So we  went for a wagon ride/pull on the trail.
Carmen, Cousin Addy and Cousin Cami at Mommy's birthday party.

Cousins dancing in the kitchen.

I love my cousins!

Mommy makes a wish before blowing out the candles on the cake Carmen and Daddy got on a trip to our favorite bakery.

After a New Year's Eve morning at the fish market, it was warm enough for a bike ride.

Eek! I do not want to try the squid!

Fancy drinks (in plastic, this year) for New Year's Eve dinner!

"Maybe I'll try crab legs when I'm older."

A week after the new year began, it was still snow-free and warm enough to install the climbing wall Carmen got for Christmas.